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At Windigo Roofs, we offer efficient roof construction, waterproofing, insulation and ventilation solutions for home and business owners in the Laurentians.

Our company

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Our history

The brainchild of financial analyst Dominic Langevin, whom dreamed of owning and running is own construction sector firm, Windigo Roofs was founded in 2003. Today, the company specializes in providing roof construction, waterproofing, insulation and ventilation solutions for home and business owners in the Laurentians. From the start, one of the core values of the company has been delivering professional, straightforward and clear-cut customer service.

Our mission

At Windigo Roofs, we pride ourselves on offering affordable, state-of-the-art and ecological solutions capable of handling the unique environment and climate of the Laurentians. We work with a vast network of construction contractors, engineers, architects and designers who specialize in various fields in order to fully optimize the options we propose to our customers. It’s an approach that enables us to consistently deliver a level of customer service that is above and beyond industry standards. Choosing Windigo Roofs means opting for durable peace of mind.

At Windigo Roofs, we operate sustainably. This includes sorting unused material to reduce the amount of waste we discard. We also use a variety of green roof repair products. And our roofers keep the worksite clean at all times, which fosters safety and productivity for everyone involved, and they leave the premises exactly as originally found once the job is done.

Our services

Free estimate

Our free estimate service includes a thorough inspection of roofs requiring work along with a quote for the cost of the repairs. For new constructions, we will gladly look at your plans and provide you with a quote complete with a list of materials for your new roof.


Roof installation service. We install everything from asphalt to cedar shingles, including exposed-fastener or standing-seam sheet metal roofs, and will be able to guide you through the process of picking the solution that is right for you.

Snow removal

Professional-grade rooftop snow removal service.

Labour warranty

Standard labour warranty of 5 years, although you can extend your coverage by 7 to 10 years, based on the type of work performed.

Solar panels

Rooftop solar panel application service, jointly provided with a certified electrician.

Legal services

Expert legal counsel and advice.

Our work

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At Windigo Roofs, we only use quality products with a proven track record, from underlayment to finishing products. Below is a list of the products we primarily use:

Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Shingles

Red cedar hand-split

Eastern clear cedar

Eco-Friendly Shingles

Metal Shingles

Metal Roofing

Membranes (Low Slope)

T.P.O. Membrane

Double-layer roof system


Urethane insulation

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Windigo Roofs
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